Troubleshooting Claims-Based Authentication Errors

  • 19 January 2023
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PRODUCT: K2 Cloud, K2 Five, K2 blackpearl 4.7

With Claims-based Authentication (CBA) there are many moving pieces that must fit together correctly for a user's unique identity to flow from one system to another. Due to the complex nature of the inner workings of Authentication things can and do go wrong. This article will help you troubleshoot CBA issues with practical and theoretical advice along with best practice tips learned from real-world experience.


Table of Contents

  • Approaching Troubleshooting
  • Portal (Claims) Authentication Setup
  • AD FS Relying Party Trusts
  • K2 Installation Issues
  • Identity Provider Issues
  • SharePoint Issues
  • Tools" Errors and Tips

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Due to the length of this article, please read the full version in the attachment below. 

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