K2 smartforms 1.0.4 High Priority Fixes

  • 16 February 2021
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K2 smartforms 1.0.4 High Priority Fixes


K2 smartforms 1.0.4
K2 smartforms 1.0.4
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KB001594 is a list of high priority issues for K2 smartforms that have now been resolved in the K2 smartforms 1.0.4 release.


Issues Resolved:



  • When creating a data field with the same name as system created data fields (i.e. Priority or Serial Number), and the data field is used in a rule, the rule cannot be edited from the Rule Designer.
  • When a Form contains multiple instances of the same View and the condition Form passes validation is configured for one of the controls on the last View, all the controls will be incorrectly selected as mandatory.
  • After upgrading to K2 smartforms 1.0.2 the Execute another rule action no longer functions as expected.
  • An error occurs stating: "Validation failed. Condition block If requires at least one action." when attempting to edit an inherited rule from the parent View or parent Form where the subview or subform contains an inherited rule with an If View passes validation condition.
  • After deploying a SmartForms package on a new environment, editing a Show Message rule action on a View where the message contains environment fields will result in the environment fields being displayed as unresolved.
  • When executing an optional method parameter and an empty string is used, the empty string is not interpreted as a null value and the user is prompted to input a value.
  • After upgrading to K2 smartforms an error occurs stating: "Widget Error:value[0] is undefined" when attempting to edit the Navigate to another Form rule.



  • When rendering List Views in Internet Explorer 8, the page layout does not adjust accordingly for the List View's height, creating an effect where the List View overlaps other content on the page.
  • When adding spaces to the values of a SmartObject via an Editable List View, and the SmartObject is used as  a Radio Button List control’s data source which is displayed horizontally, the alignment of the Radio Buttons are incorrect.  This occurs when using Chrome as the browser.



  • No results are returned when a quick search is done on a field of type Boolean from a View.
  • When opening a View in Internet Explorer 9 or 10 and columns in the View are merged, the columns display incorrectly.  The columns on the right will be smaller than the other columns.
  • A 'Stack overflow at line: 0' error occurs when a Form contains two buttons and the second button contains a rule to execute the first button and then show a message.
  • When a View has a Text Box control with an expression configured on the Text Box and the same View is used multiple times on a Form, changing the value of the Text Box on one of the Views at runtime will change the value for the Text Boxes on the other Views as well.
  • When using the Wrap Text checkbox for a column header on a View, the header text is cut off at runtime instead of being wrapped.
  • When running a Form with the Run with Parameter option where multiple parameters exist, selecting a parameter of type Number and attempting to deselect the parameter causes a warning stating: "You have to supply a numeric default value for a parameter of type number".
  • Clicking on the first list item in a List View generated from either a SharePoint Document Library or stored procedure SmartObject, will result in a required field error.
  • When an Editable List View has a rule with an Event to show a message after adding a new row, the Show a Message Event does not execute.
  • When a Form contains a List View and an Editable List View for example and the List View is the first View on the Form, disabling the List View using the List View properties, results in the content below the List View also being disabled at runtime.
  • When a Form contains multiple instances of a View that uses View parameters, passing different values into those parameters via the View Initialize action results in both View instances getting the same value.
  • When designing a List View from a SmartObject where List Editing and Filtering has been enabled, searching for pre-entered values at runtime results in an error indicating that the column name is invalid.
  • When mapping a Form Parameter to a View Parameter and then to a subview parameter, the data does not transfer to the View and subview.
  • The spinner overlay is not removed when executing a SmartObject delete method from a View or Form.
  • When a Form contains a large amount of Views and a button with an Action to display a message, scrolling this Form after the button is clicked and the message box appears, does not prevent the user from interacting with the From.
  • When a validation warning message is configured on a View or a Form and the message contains culture-specific special characters, these characters are replaced with a question mark at runtime.
  • When executing the Save method on a Form containing two Editable List View instances results in duplicate display values for the ID.
  • When a Date/Time property is used in an Editable List View column, clicking on the column header to sort according to dates incorrectly sorts according to text and not the actual dates.
  • When multiplying two decimal values using an expression the result is calculated incorrectly with a lower value than what the actual value should be.
  • When two separate validation rules are configured on the same field, the Form level validation is ignored.
  • When an Execute another rule action exists on a View level and this View is referenced as a subview on a Form level, the rule action does not execute.
  • When accessing a forbidden file within the URL an ASP.NET error message is displayed instead of the K2 smartforms error message.
  • When the SmartForms Runtime site uses ISA 2006 Server and the 'PostRenderCombining' setting in the web.config file is set to True, the ISA server 2006 strips the 'Accept-Encoding' header and results in the following error: “'__runtimeControllersDefinition' is undefined SCRIPT5009: 'culturesValue' is undefined.”
  • When using the "Form passes validation" condition on an Editable List View, the condition is executed even though no rows are editable.
  • When creating a List View from the Process Instance system SmartObject, an error occurs stating: "Invalid column name 'GroupName" when running the List View and executing a search on all the fields.



  • When a data source is either changed or added to a View from the Settings page, the controls on the View Layout are removed.
  • Selecting to Auto Generate an Editable List View from a SmartObject based on a SharePoint template results in a "FieldName 'DocumentTypeId' does not exist in the collection" exception.
  • An error occurs indicating that one cannot insert a duplicate key row in an object when editing a Form whose inherited rule is opening a subform and this rule was subsequently removed.
  • An error stating "SmartObject property ‘X’ is a required property for selected method Load. Value must be set." is displayed when opening a worklist task containing a rule that is trying to pass a workflow data field value into a View parameter value.
  • When using columns in List Views, a width size can be configured for both the header and the body of a column, but not for the column entity itself.



  • If the text property of a control contains a space and a value or only a space, the space is removed at design time and runtime.
  • When a control is configured with a watermark property and a rule is created on the control, editing the watermark property causes the rule to disappear.
  • When using a Picker control configured as type Decimal to load values from a specified data source, where the data contains similar values such as 10 or 11 and 110 or 111, the Picker control does not resolve unique number values requested. It will incorrectly resolve to the highest value.
  • After upgrading K2 smartforms, attempting to select a data source for a Picture control on an Item View results in java script errors.
  • A List Display control in a List View removes spaces from the display value.
  • After setting the maximum length of a Text Area control on a Form, entering a value in the Text Area at runtime does not prevent the user from entering more characters than the set maximum length.  Instead it replaces the last allowed character with the next character typed.
  • When setting any custom style on a Data Label will cause the control to disregard its visibility setting at runtime.
  • The Form Passes Validation condition does not execute on a Check Box List control.
  • An error occurs stating: "DropDown (or ListBox) control must be in the form with runat="server" attribute set" when attempting to create a custom control with a Drop-Down List.
  • A "Failed to convert URL to PDF" error occurs when using the PDF Converter after upgrading to K2 smartforms 1.0.3.
  • When adding an expression to return maximum or minimum date values in a Data Label control on a List View, the expression incorrectly returns 0 at runtime.



  • When renaming a Form title and editing the Form again, the Form title change does not persist.
  • The user is not able to check in a Form if a View on the Form is checked out by another user.
  • The Selected Day label in a Calendar control incorrectly displays the English format on a non-English environment.
  • When changing and saving an existing Form’s title on the details page, an error occurs stating that the Form already exists when clicking the Next button.



  • Decimal places displayed incorrectly in cultures using a comma as a decimal separator.
  • After repairing the Windows Authentication Provider task, Anonymous Authentication is set to False and causes Runtime Forms to display incorrectly.  When rerunning the K2 smartforms Setup Manager to Repair or Reconfigure, the Analysis Tool does not report on the Anonymous Authentication being False.
  • When reconfiguring K2 smartforms, the incorrect Application Pool is selected by default. This causes the Workspace Application Pool to be configured as Integrated and K2 Workspace will fail to open.
  • During installation of K2 smartforms the K2 smartforms Setup Manager provides the incorrect SharePoint 2013 K2 configuration URL.
  • When upgrading K2 smartforms the Claims Authentication settings configured in the K2HostServer.exe.Config file do not persist.
  • When upgrading K2 smartforms the Claims Authentication settings configured in the web.config files of the Designer, Workflow and Runtime do not persist.
  • After updating an expired K2 smartforms license key via K2 Workspace, the expired license key incorrectly reflects when reconfiguring K2 smartforms via the K2 Setup Manager.


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