K2 Performance Test Results by Version

  • 16 February 2021
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K2 Performance Test Results by Version



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K2 Cloud
K2 Five
K2 blackpearl 4.6.9 to 4.7
K2 smartforms 4.6.9 to 4.7
K2 Five (all)



K2 performs automated performance acceptance tests against each new version of the software prior to the software being released. To assist K2 customers and partners in planning for K2 software updates, this article provides the results of these internal performance tests.

The .zip file associated with this KB article contain the results of these performance acceptance tests performed by K2, based on the last product version tested. As newer versions of the software are tested and released, the performance acceptance test results will be added to this article when the results are made available. See the Article History section at the bottom of this page for the version history.




Important considerations regarding the test results and disclaimer

Actual K2 performance can vary greatly across environments and scenarios due to variable hardware and network configurations and infrastructure, as well as the types of business solutions developed and the technologies that K2 is integrated with.

The tests and test results provided with this article are only intended as indicators of expected performance differences between versions and are performed on a consistent infrastructure and scenarios. The tests and data provided in this KB article are specific to the K2 test environment and scenarios, and do not reflect or guarantee similar performance results in other environments and scenarios. The tests and test results do not necessarily represent real-world scenarios or real-world performance measurements or performance expectations, and do not guarantee that the observed performance in the test results will be seen in other environments. Other environments may also exhibit other performance differences not surfaced in the test results due to different infrastructure, network, system integration or solution designs.

Customers are encouraged to establish repeatable, representative and targeted internal performance testing plans against their own environments and applications if more representative testing results are desired. If assistance is required to set up such testing, please contact K2 Consulting services for your region.

About the tests

The K2 product stack is composed of elements of web and non-web components which requires different testing approaches when testing for performance. K2 utilizes Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate to performance test K2 products accordingly with automated unit tests, web tests and load/performance tests. Generally speaking, Unit Tests are used for non-UI results like workflow and SmartObject performance tests, while Web Tests are used for tests involving web-based user interfaces like K2 smartforms.

For Web Tests, web scripts are used to test web front end applications like K2 smartforms. The web script is recorded with the required test actions (such as hitting a specific runtime URL) and the web requests are combined into ‘transactions’ for monitoring response times of specified user actions or web server response. During the load test scenario execution, Visual Studio will monitor and track the total time of completing all the wrapped requests and report the total time taken to complete the transaction calls. This is useful in trying to understand the actual user experience on performance of the actual page rendering, versus the performance per web request.

The test scenarios detailed in the test results are repeated for concurrent virtual user loads for 1 user, 10 users and 100 users.

About the test results

The attached zip file contains the test scenarios and results, as well as a test environment diagram. Note that future versions of the software may introduce additional test scenarios or eliminate the need for existing test scenarios, therefore the test scenarios may differ between different versions of the product.

The following files are included in the the zip archive:

  • Current_K2 Performance Comparison Report - K2 Platform Classic and K2 Platform
    Latest K2 server test results (including workflow, SmartObjects and SmartForms) for K2 Platform K2 Platform Classic, including comparisons with previous versions of K2. Use this file for the latest performance testing results.
  • Previous_K2 Performance Comparison Report - K2 Five and K2 Cloud.xlsx
    Previous K2 server test results (including workflow, SmartObjects and SmartForms) for K2 Five and previous K2 Cloud releases.
  • Previous_K2 Server Performance Comparison Report - K2 4.7 vs K2 Five RTM.xlsx
    Previous Workflow and SmartObject test results for the K2 server component, comparing K2 Five 5.0 with K2 4.7. Use these results to understand K2 server performance changes between K2 4.7 and K2 Five. 
  • Previous_K2 SmartForms Performance Comparison Report - K2 4.7 vs K2 Five RTM.xlsx
    Previous SmartForms test results comparing K2 Five 5.0 with K2 4.7. Use these results to understand major performance changes for SmartForms between K2 4.7 and K2 Five
  • Performance Testing Infrastructure (Distributed Single).png
    A diagram that describes the testing infrastructure on which these tests were run and results gathered.

Article History (latest changes first)

  • 1 September 2020: K2 Platform Classic 5.4 and K2 Platform test results published and Previous folder removed from .zip file
  • 30 July 2019: K2 Five 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and K2 Cloud update 9 test results published
  • 11 December 2017: K2 Five 5.0 test results published
  • 20 October 2016: K2 4.7 test results published
  • 19 October 2015: K2 blackpearl 4.6.11 test results published
  • 17 July 2015: K2 blackpearl 4.6.10 test results published
  • 29 April 2015: K2 blackpearl 4.6.9 test results published


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