Claims-Based Authentication in K2

  • 14 December 2022
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PRODUCT: K2 Cloud, K2 Five, K2 blackpearl 4.7




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In the first article in this series, you got an overview of authentication and authorization as it relates to K2. This document focuses on Claims-Based authentication (CBA) in K2.

Claims-Based Authentication is a consistent approach for applications to get and verify identity information across multiple systems. Whether it's inside an enterprise organization, through a different provider, or on the internet, claims-based authentication can simplify and standardize authentication logic and flow across various systems.

Not every organization needs CBA – some companies may be built entirely on applications that use Integrated Windows Authentication and Kerberos, and many of the benefits inherent in CBA are present in Kerberos. However, as soon as these companies introduce non-Windows apps, they need to federate identity management with a partner or web property, or they need to introduce SharePoint 2013/2016 into their environment, they must start down the CBA path.

Once you start down the CBA path, you must train your internal infrastructure team to be able to understand, configure and support CBA. This requires specialized configuration and specific know-how to troubleshoot CBA-related issues.


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