Lock users out of a Form unless in a Specific Group

  • 24 February 2022
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Lock users out of a Form unless in a Specific Group

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This article describes how to allow specific users of a Group access to a Form (Admin Users, Security Settings). User tasks automatically check to see if the user is assigned the task, but doesn't include Forms that are not in a Workflow. The steps below describe how to lock users out of a Form like this.

Before You Begin

An understanding of how to create SmartObjects is required; the SmartObject will be based off the URM Service.

How-to Steps

Complete the following steps:

1 Create a UMUser SmartObject from the URM Service.


2. Create a List View from this UMUser SmartObject. Configure it like below:




3. Generate the List View Columns. The recommended columns are FQN, User Name and Name. These will be used to compare the logged in user.


4. Edit the When View executed Initialize rule. Configure the Find Group Users rule. Provide the right Security Label and the Group that will be used. See the image below:




The View is now configured correctly. Test it to make sure it shows all the correct users on the Form.


5. Create a Form and drag the View onto it. You can hide this view, but it will need to be enabled first.


6. Edit the When the Form is Initializing Rule
After the View Initialize rule, create a new rule. Create a Condition "For Each item in a List View."


6a. Select All rows in the List View.


6b. Add another Condition which should be an Advanced Condition.

Expand the Current User to get the Name property. Make sure to use the Name Property from the SmartObject.


The advanced condition will look like the image below:




7. Next, create a message to show users they are authenticated. If a message is not required, stop all rule execution.


The rule should look like the image below:



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