K2 Mobile Configure a URL to Open Item in K2 Mobile App

  • 24 February 2022
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K2 Mobile: Configure a URL to Open Item in K2 Mobile App

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How to configure a URL for deeplinking. Configure items to open within the mobile app rather than a browser window on the K2 Mobile app.

Before You Begin

This is for use with the K2 Mobile app. For usage on devices/scenarios where a task or link to a form may be sent to a user (most likely via email) and the user has the K2 mobile app downloaded on their device.

How-to Steps

There are two key components to change a link for use with mobile devices:


1. Replace the http/https protocol at the beginning of the url with 'K2:'
Example instead of https://portal.k2.com/Runtime/Runtime/Form/ExampleForm/ you would drop the https: and use k2://portal.k2.com.


2. You will need to remove the 'Runtime/Runtime/' from the URL, so a final link that will prompt the user to open the item in the mobile app will look like: k2://portal.k2.com/Form/ExampleForm

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