How to delete Workflows, Forms, Views and SmartObjects

  • 24 February 2022
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How to delete Workflows, Forms, Views and SmartObjects


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This KB shows you how to delete K2 artefacts.

Before You Begin

Please ensure you delete the last item you created or generated first.


When creating K2 artefacts you usually start with the SmartObjects, then create or generate views, then a form and then a workflow. So when you are deleting, you go backwards.

How-to Steps

Please follow the below steps when deleting K2 artefacts (SmartObjects, Views, Forms and Workflows):


After creating SmartObjects, Views, Forms and Workflows. When you delete items you start with the last items you created.



1. Delete the workflows first. (These can be the workflows created through the forms themselves or workflows that the forms you want to delete are connected to)

2. Then delete the form.

3. Then the views.

4. Then finally the SmartObjects.


When you create its from the bottom up and when you delete, it's from the top to the bottom.



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