Update an item at the end of a column

I am trying to update a status of an item by using the Update Items function under Sharepoint connector. However, the whole column is affected every time a new entry comes in. 


How can I specify that the item will only update the last entry in the list? 


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The way to achieve this will need a few steps 

1) 'Query list' and capture all list item ids in a collection

2) Use 'count items in collection' to count the IDs and store in an integer variable

3) Use 'calculate value' to subtract 1 from ID count to get index and store in an integer variable to get index

4) Use 'Get item from collection' using the index variable to get the ID of the last item in collection from collection of IDs and store in text/integer variable

5) Update item using ID  stored in ID variable 

Import below key in your tenant, and change connections to get the results 




Let me know if you have further questions

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Thank you for this. I have set the functions in the workflow but I haven't fully configured each action.

1. How to I count the IDs in the collection? It seems I can only add a condition under Query List. I am unable to identify the ID field on this configuration.

If you want to query all the IDs in list just say ID>0

You can import the workflow key I provided that gives you all configured action, you just need to change connection for your environment and that should work

It says error on importing. What did I miss. 

Thank you for the assistance, 

It seems the key expired, try this


I got it configures now. It seems I got one variable wrong. 


Thank you so much for your help! Youre amazing