Getting a file - Size limit not found anywhere

  • 9 November 2022
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Hello everyone,


I am using a sharepoint call web service action then a query JSON to get a document's properties (name and ID) but for some reason it crashs when I am trying to get a file with a size of 80MB or even 3MB doesn't work.... Does nintex workflow cloud set a limit to these two specific action when targetting a document please ?


Cloudn't found any information about the size constraint.


Many thanks in advance !

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4 replies

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What web service are you calling?

Does your workflow work with smaller files?

If you are only getting metadata the file size should not matter.
Is the workflow failing on the web service action or the JSON action?

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Hi @grt_fi 


Depending on the location we have workflow actions in Nintex automation cloud that can retrieve document metadata for you specifically. 



If it is based on a recording in a Sharepoint library you can use the ID of the file in the library and the retrieve an item action to get all of the metadata.



If the documents have custom properties the can be promoted into a Sharepoint library so long as the columns have the same names.


We also have a specific query json action in the cloud.


It was failing due to another issue, not the of the file. It was actually the call sharepoint service that returns an error..

I have another question, is it possible to make a sharepoint web service call even if the requested file is open in online/desktop application (like word, powerpoint etc) ?

Thank you so much

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Hi @grt_fi testing to find out for you, I have this file open in the browser edit and checked out.

The answer appears to be yes.