DocuSign Action and Sending Multiple Documents

Hi Nintex Friends,

Would anyone know if it is possible to send multiple documents for signature via the DocuSign Action? I have a workflow that creates up to 11 separate PDFs, using 3 separate Doc Gen actions. Each Doc Gen action saves to the one collection variable. I can only seem to get the first document to send using DocuSign. Tried the loop for each function, that didn't work.

Thank you for any advice.



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Can you share the workflow screen shot? or workflow?

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Hi @nintexnooob ,

Is it possible, since all of your Doc Gen actions are outputting to the same collection variable, that you are overwriting the values in that collection variable each time? Are you sure all 11 files are in the collection variable at the end of all the document generations? Have you tried separate collection variables?

Hi @Nintex_Andrea,

The overwrite option is set to 'no' on all three actions.

Right now, I am only testing with three of the 11 forms (using 2 doc gen actions) - I didn't want to spend a bunch of time configuring all the forms until I knew it worked.


After I store the generated docs to a collection, i run a "get item from collection" to retrieve and store the path in a text file, which is then used for the DocuSign action. DocuSign seems to only work when using a txt variable for the path.




@kchaluvadi I've changed around the workflow since posting this to try a different, not-ideal route (combining documents for DocuSign), but will try to put it back together and send screenshots.

Here are some screenshots of the doc gen and DS









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Hi @nintexnooob ,


Thanks for the additional information. In the DocuSign action, if you switch to File variable instead of Other location, it should allow you to specify multiple file variables. To accomplish this, you could use some Get a file actions from the OneDrive group to get the files by their file path and store them in separate file variables. If you have 3 files, you would need 3 Get item from collection actions (indexes: 0, 1, 2), 3 Get a file actions and 3 separate file variables. Then you could reference the separate file variables in your DocuSign action.


@Nintex_Andrea thank you for this. I will give it a shot and let you know. 

I am having one other problem, it appears so straight forward and just isn't working. Going to put it in a new thread so it is tagged accurately.

@Nintex_Andrea  This worked like a charm!

Now to do this for all docs.

Thank you again!!!