Best way to have multiple tasks in workflow form (300 fields and 5 collections within form)

  • 21 November 2022
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Hi All,


I am wondering if somebody has a suggestion on build for this. I have a seven page insurance form. I created the form which works great. Now, I have to have a set of people to go through the form, basically, someone to refill the form, review and adjust, a sales person, possible outside person, and client.


Because of the number of fields (300 fields) and the collections within it, I want to streamline this process.

I have done something like it before but I would pass a task form to another task form which creates a lot of variables. Didn't play nice with collections.

I have a salesforce connection where I thought I used to save the progress of the form each time submitted and then query information back into the other form.


I have also used a loop on a task with variables in the workflow to "save" the information until someone exited the loop which was one of the questions in the form.


Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

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