"The View Flow cannot be displayed" error is thrown


When attempting to open a Legacy process instance View Flow, the following error message is thrown.

The View Flow cannot be displayed because the size of this process instance (xxxxxxx bytes) exceeds that maximum size this K2 server (1000000 bytes) is currently configured to display.


a Common cause for this is where workflows have a lot of looping which makes the payload that ViewFlow needs to load large. 


The error indicates that the default limit "Payload Size" value is not set at a high enough value to load the View Flow in question.  This value can be altered by editing the View Flow site's web.config file, located in the "%ProgramFiles%\K2\WebServices\ViewFlow\ folder location.  Find the 'PayloadSize' value, and edit this to a larger number.  It is not required to restart IIS or the K2 Server service after editing this file.

Additional Information

Please note the default limit is set to prevent large process instances from impacting performance on the View Flow site.  

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