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Unable to access Workflow Inventory page


When attempting to access the Workflow Inventory, a "Something went wrong" page appears.



1. Ensure that all listed Nintex Content Databases exist
  • Navigate to Central Administration > Nintex Workflow Management (SharePoint 2013 and below) or Nintex Administration (SharePoint 2016+)  > Database Management > Take note of the listed Content Databases for next step.
  • Navigate to SQL Server Management Studio > Identify any Nintex Content Databases that no longer exist or are no longer in use.

2. Determine if one of the below scenarios applies:
  • A Nintex Content Database listed in Central Administration exists but no longer is in use.
    •  Detach the Nintex Content Database using the following NWAdmin command:
NWAdmin.exe -o DetachDatabase -serverName <servername>-databaseName <NintexContentDB>
  • Take the database offline and tick the box to 'Close existing connections
  • A Nintex Content Database listed in Central Administration does not exist or is not online.
    • In SQL Management Studio, navigate to your Nintex Configuration Database > Tables > dbo.Databases > Right-click > Select Top 1000 rows. 
    • Verify there if there is a reference to the content database in question; take note of the DatabaseID value. 
    • Navigate to the dbo.Storage table > Right-click > Select Top 1000 rows. 
    • Review all dbo.Storage records to ensure that no sites are currently mapped to the Database ID in question

3. Once the above is complete, return to dbo.Databases and delete the record for the removed/missing Nintex Content Database with the following query:
DELETE  FROM [Databases]
WHERE DatabaseID = <Insert DatabaseID Here>

4. Conduct an IISReset. Otherwise, the changes may take affect automatically after 15 minutes.

5. Open the Nintex Workflow Inventory to ensure that it opens without issue.


Error Code

The ULS log may include, but is not limited to, the following error: Error establishing database connection. SQL Error: 4060.: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Cannot open database "Nintex content database" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'Domain\AppPoolAccount'.


Additional Information

When opening any Nintex Workflow Inventory across the SharePoint farm, all Nintex Content Databases are queried, regardless of what content database the site collection may be mapped to. When a content database that is inaccessible is listed as a Nintex Content Database, it also is queried. The query will fail and present a "Something went wrong" page and a SQL error in the ULS log.

Common root causes are:
-The Application Pool Service Account no longer has permissions to the database.
-Database may not exist in the destination environment following a migration.
-Database was 'deprecated' as a content database and been taken offline or deleted.
-Database was renamed


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