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Subform/Subview appears at the top of page


When a form is configured to call a sub form, for example with the click of a button or another control, the sub form appears at the top of the page. This can be problematic with large forms because if the end user is scrolled to the bottom of the form, the subform may appear hidden at the top off-screen.


This issue has been reported for Chromium based browsers, specifically when the zoom percentage is set to a value other than 100%. 


Important: Take a backup of every web.config before you make a modification


1. Find the K2 installation path and update the Runtime Web.config file. For example:
"C:\Program Files\K2\K2 Smartforms Runtime"
2. Find "<appSettings>"
3. Add the following to the <appSettings> node:
<add key="Forms.DisableAlternatePopupPositioningOnLargeiFrames" value="true"/>
4. Save the changes and restart IIS
5. Repeat step 1 to 4 on any additional Smartforms Runtime installs (where there is load balancing).

Additional Information

Note: This change can be added to the SmartForms Designer if needed by finding the K2 Designer installation or path. Path Example: "C:\Program Files\K2\K2 smartforms Designer".



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