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'SmartObject could not be found' error thrown when process instance is at Send Email step.


Your process instances keep failing at Send Email steps, and the following error is thrown:


'SmartObject [SmartObject Name] could not be found.'


This affects all workflows' Send Email steps that are directly referencing SmartObjects in either the subject or message body. The SmartObject has been verified to exist in the environment, and the SmartObject can be executed in workflows in a SmartObject step and in SmartObject Service Tester.



Go to K2 Management > Environment Library, select your default Environment Library, and make sure the 'SmartObject Server' field contains the correct connection string to the correct K2 server. Update the field if it is not correct, then deploy a test workflow to update the String Table.


Once that is done, you can retry the error and your process instances should pick up from where it is left off.


Additional Information

In the Environment Library, there are 6 important environment fields that contain the connection string to your K2 server. The connection string in these 6 environment fields must be correct in order for your K2 environment to function properly. These 6 environment fields are:


  • Category Server
  • ServiceObject Server
  • SmartForms Server
  • SmartObject Server
  • Workflow Server
  • Workflow Management Server


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