SharePoint Workflows Appear in Different Categories After Deployment


SharePoint Workflows Appear in Different Categories After Deployment

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After deploying a SharePoint solution with workflows created from the K2 Application page in SharePoint, workflows may appear in different categories under the Workflow Server node in Management.


Depending on how the workflow has been created and integrated with SharePoint, the workflow could end up under two possible folder names in Management after being deployed.

1. Workflows created using the 'When a SmartForm is submitted' option

2. Workflows created using the 'When the following events occur' option 

After deploying the solution to a new environment, you may see something similar under the Workflow Server node in Management. 




The folders seen within Management under the Workflow Server node are not actually folder names but rather process folder names. During deployment, the Package and Deployment tool refactors the process folder name for SharePoint workflows. Workflows that are fully integrated with SmartForms have a particular list/workflow setting present that gets used in the refactoring while as other SharePoint integrated workflows do not, so the SmartObject name is used for the refactoring instead. You will need to click the 'Edit...' button for the form in the start event to complete the start wizard which will generate the list/workflow setting.


Below are two features related to the category structure seen for workflows within Management. Voting on them will allow you to track when they are released or addressed as well as alert the developers that there is a greater need for these enhancements.

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