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Send an Email formatting is lost for the insert references values


When using a Send an Email actions in Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and configured formatting (font, size, etc) at the email's body with insert references values, the insert references values will not have the the expected format as configured. 



  1. In a new Send an Email action.
  2. Enter the email body with only text including the text that will be replaced with insert reference in step 4. At this stage DO NOT insert any reference (item properties, workflow context or workflow variable). For example if the requirement is to have the Created By value from the current item, instead of insert the reference as explained here, just write down as normal text Created By. 
  3. Highlight all the email body that has been written in step 2 and change the text format (font, size, etc) as desired. 
  4. Replaced the normal text Created By on step 2 with the actual insert reference from the current item. Now it looks like {CurrentItem:CreatedBy}.
  5. Publish the workflow


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