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Nintex Promapp feedback is missing the "Mark as Resolved" option


When responding to feedback from the My Feedback dashboard or the Process Change Log the Mark as Resolved option is not available.  


Either the User does not have permissions to Mark feedback as resolved

The Mark as Resolved option is only present for Process Owners, Experts or Promasters to make the feedback as resolved.  

Other users such as Process Editors will be able to respond to the feedback, however they cannot mark the feedback as resolved.  

Or When the feedback was submitted the option for Response Required wasn't selected.


Additional Information

When feedback is given with a star rating, the Response Required option is ticked on by default for 1 or 2 stars and for 3 stars or higher it is unticked by default. This can be changed by the user submitting the feedback. 

Feedback submitted without Star rating, the Response Required option is ticked on by default. 

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