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Known Issue: An error occurs when a user logs in after their username changed


Known Issue: An error occurs when a user logs in after their UPN or FQN was changed

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Issue Description

When a user login to their K2 Cloud environment with their updated user principal name (UPN) also known as FQN, they get an error “The AAD [username] could not be found”

A user’s UPN can typically change due to the following circumstances

 ·         companies merging

·         company x taking over another company y

·         users changing their maiden name

·         Contractors becoming Employees of a company (and vice versa)


Changing UPNs is not handled correctly by the K2 Identity Token Service (IdTS). The K2 Identity Token Service builds a cache of any user’s UPN, the first time they are successfully logged into K2 Cloud environment. If the UPN changes mid-course, IdTS cannot validate the new UPN associated with the same user’s account


The temporary workaround is to contact the K2 Support team to clear the old UPN from IdTS’s cache. After deleting the old UPN from IdTS, K2 Service restart and IIS Reset is required on the Cloud environment


K2 Architects are working on a fix for release in an upcoming version of K2.


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