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Drawloop - Salesforce Critical Update - Restrict @Aura Enabled Apex Methods


This article addresses the use case where some users cannot generate documents due to enabling a critical update that prevents such users from accessing Custom Settings through Salesforce APIs.

Customize Application Permission Critical Update

In the Winter ’20 release, Salesforce introduced two new Critical Updates that restricts access to certain Apex classes based on Profile settings. Those Critical Updates are the following: 

Both Critical Updates set to go into effect August 9, 2020.  


Impact to Drawloop DocGen :

If either of the previously mentioned Critical Updates is enabled, Users without System Administrator Profiles will be prevented from using the Drawloop Lightning Component in Salesforce Lighting from generating documents.  

This is a article attached imageThis is a article attached image




Outlined below are the current two remediation steps if choosing to enable either, or both, Critical Updates.

1. Upgrade to the latest version of Nintex Drawloop DocGen

In Package version 17.1 and above we released updates to the Drawloop DocGen application which resolves issues that prevent Users from using the Lightning Component with the critical updates enabled. 
You can download the latest version by visiting the Nintex Drawloop DocGen AppExchange listing.


2. Provide Access to Required Apex Methods

As the Critical Updates state, specific Apex Methods cannot be accessed with the critical updates enabled unless provided through the configuration of your Profiles or Permission Sets
Note: You may need to enable the Enhanced Profile User Interface before proceeding with the following steps, as not all required Apex Classes may be listed as Available in the non-Enhanced user interface. 
1.    In Salesforce Setup, navigate to 'Manage Users' > Profiles or Permission Sets
2.    Click the name of your desired Profile or Permission Set
3.    Further down the page click 'Apex Class Access'

This is a article attached imageThis is a article attached image


4.    Click the 'Edit' button
5.    Locate and add the Apex classes following:
Required Apex Classes:

6.   Click 'Save'
Users assigned to the Profile or Permission Set should no longer experience errors using the Drawloop Lightning Component. 


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