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Drawloop - Known Issue - Unable to Add Child Object Relationship in LEDD


Behavior: When creating a child object relationship in the LEDD interface, the user is sees the "Related by" field is grayed out and cannot be clicked on. The "Repeat By" field also cannot be clicked on. This will prevent the user from being able to create a new relationship.

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This issue is due to the Copy_Type__c field in the relationship object may be missing some values. Navigate to:
  • In Classic: Setup > Objects > Relationship > "Copy Type" > Click the "New" button under the Values related list
  • In Lightning: click the Cogwheel > Setup > Object Manager > Relationship > Fields & Relationship > "Copy Type" > Click the "New button" under the Values related list
The following values should be in this list:
  • Row
  • Table
  • Group
  • Hierarchy
  • Section
If any of the values are missing in the Values related list, please add them by following the above instructions.


Additional Information

If the instructions above does not resolve your issue, please contact the support team.


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