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Updating a Choice column configured as Checkboxes allow multi select using a Workflow


When updating a SharePoint choice column that is configured as "Checkboxes (allow multiple selections)" using a Nintex Workflow the update shows in the SharePoint list but it does not show in a Nintex Form, all checkboxes are blank.



Using an update item action the value to be updated has to be in the format of Value;#Value;#Value etc


Additional Information

When viewing a SharePoint list/library with a column configured  as "Checkboxes (allow multiple selections)" it will appear as Value,Value.  If a workflow is used to log this column to the workflow history it will also output Value,Value.  Even though this is the case the format has to be as per the Instructions above or the update will not be reflected in a Nintex Form.


Note: Any value(s) that is used to update the Choice column will overwrite the existing choices and not add to them.  If the current choices are required as well as the update then the current choices should be read from the list first.  The current choices will be in the format of Value,Value as explained above so a Regular expression should be used to replace the commas(,) with colon hash(;#).  Once this is done a Build String action can be used to add the additional choices.  e.g {WorkflowVariable:CurrentChoices};#Value;#Value



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