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Nintex Promapp - Copying an Activity to another Process


How to copy an Activity from one Process to another


There is no direct copy function for Activities in Promapp.  You can use the Export/Import Procedure Text option to copy part of a Process to another Process:
  1. Navigate to the Process you would like to copy from
  2. Select the Cog wheel menu > Export > Export to Procedure Text
  3. Copy the parts of the Procedure text you wish to use
  4. Navigate to the Process you wish to copy to
  5. Switch to the edit tab and select from the cog wheel menu > Import > Import from Procedure text
  6. Paste the copied procedure text from step 3
  7. Select Import
  8. Drag the created Activities from the bottom of the Process to their desired location

Additional Information

Process Links, Documents, Decision Links and Conditional links do not come through with the Procedure text import a place holder is inserted instead.

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