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Is RPA able to run in a Citrix environment?


Is RPA able to run in a Citrix environment with Citrix served applications? If so, what are some considerations for optimal performance?



RPA can be installed and used in many environments:

On a server/stand-alone client
Within a virtual environment
Within a Citrix environment*

Both RPA and
the target application (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel,
etc...) are required to run within the same environment (both applications
must be installed on the same machine). When RPA interacts with your
applications, it will use Windows components provided by the
application to properly locate and interact with the target. When both RPA and the
application are installed on the same desktop, RPA can view these
components as they are running in tandem with RPA, allowing for
optimal functionality.

*When considering installing RPA on a Citrix environment, there are a
couple of approaches;

published apps
It is recommended that, when installing to Citrix, the application be
used in a desktop mode. This will allow RPA to communicate with target
applications as expected. When installing through published apps however,
certain components may be unobtainable by RPA, resulting in
unexpected behavior. This could include RPA failing to recognize the
target, because they technically do not exist in the same
space. When using published applications, it is not uncommon for both RPA and the target
application to be served up from
different Citrix servers, but presented as two applications running in tandem.
To avoid this, ask your network administrator if you are able to view your
applications within a desktop mode, rather than as published apps.

If running applications as a published app via Citrix is required, both
RPA and the application must be served and presented from the same
Citrix server. Also, the use of published apps will restrict you from targeting
applications on your desktop, those that are not installed within Citrix. For
example, if RPA is the only application installed on your Citrix server, you
will not be able to interact with the Internet Explorer installed on your local
C drive


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