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Dynamic Hyperlink in Word document


Option 1

  1. Insert Hyperlink Merge field.
  2. Press Alt + F9.
  3. In the merge field insert the link to run the DDP.
    ex) {HYPERLINK "<<Account_Id>>&DDPids=a02U000005HV11&deplay=Id&autorun=true" \* MERGEFORMAT}
  4. Press Alt + F9.
  5. Highlight the syntax error, and type in the text.
FYI: Color for Hyperlinks: Blue 255 Red 0 Green 0

Option 2

  1. Insert hyperlink merge field. The tag should look similar to the following: {HYPERLINK “Test Name”}
  2. Press Alt + F9.
  3. Insert the hyperlink with field tag. For example: "<<Opportunity_Id>>”
If the field is URL field you can leave the tag as is. This will bring the link format Option 3 
  1. Turn on Keep Word Formulas on the DDP.
  2. In the Word document, create a Bookmark.
  3. Create a Hyperlink
    1. Click the desired location for the hyperlink.
    2. Press Ctrl + F9, and then type the following: { HYPERLINK "" }
    3. Nest a REF inside of the HYPERLINK.
      • Inside of the quotation marks click Ctrl + F9, and then insert the name of the bookmark in quotes. For example: { HYPERLINK "{ REF "Link" }" }
    4. Update both the REF and Hyperlink.
    5. Save and Run.

Option 3

  1. Insert Hyperlink merge field, create a placeholder link, and insert into the hyperlink field: ex: {HYPERLINK ""}
  2. Update field (F9).
  3. Toggle Field Codes off (alt+f9), update display text ("" in this example).
    • Place text cursor in display text, add your display text (a field tag for dynamic display text), then remove extraneous text.
  4. Update field (f9).
  5. Toggle Field Codes on (atl+f9), replace placeholder link with actual link with field tag. Note: Do NOT update field at this point.
  6. Toggle Field Codes off (alt+f9), save file, upload, test.
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