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Change in behavior for environment fields in SmartForms


Change in behavior for environment fields in SmartForms

For added security, the following environment fields are no longer available in the Object Browser in SmartForms:

  • Category Server
  • ServiceObject Server
  • SmartForms Server
  • SmartObject Server
  • Workflow Management Server
  • Workflow Server

The fields listed above are not required in any out of the box functionality in SmartForms and removal of these fields should not cause any issues.

However, if you used these fields in a custom implementation in SmartForms, note that a connection string will no longer be returned at runtime and may result in an error stating that a connection could not be made to the server.

If you used one of these fields in SmartForms views or forms, the K2 Designer will mark these as dependency issues, as they are no longer available. See Dependency Checking in the user guide for more information about resolving these issues.

This change only affects SmartForms (views and forms) and does not have an impact on any other component
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