P&D Validation Error on Deployment (List Versioning enabled)

  • 16 February 2021
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P&D Validation Errors on Deployment (List template Versioning enabled)


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Creating a package from a list where versioning is enabled and then deploying to a destination list which also has versioning enabled in some cases will show P&D deployment validation warnings that the source and target doesn’t match.





Package and Deployment Validation issues appear where templates match 100%.



Outside of P&D the issue can also be seen in cases where you create a list (Versioning disabled) and then create Data / SmartObjects for the list. If one then enables Versioning on the list and navigate back to the Artifacts page, you would expect the SmartObject to validate and prompt to regenerate. This is not the case.



This is a known issue and should be fixed in K2 Cloud Update 6 later this year.




Depending on the validation message either the Source (Package) or Target might be missing the versioning properties in the SmartObjects. Either way one can try the following:


- Disable Versioning on the target list and deploy.


- Manually force a regenerate on the SmartObject from the source artifacts page and re-package.



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