K2 smartforms 1.0.5 (4.12165.1605.0) Known Issues List

  • 16 February 2021
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K2 smartforms 1.0.5 (4.12165.1605.0) Known Issues List


K2 smartforms 1.0.5
K2 smartforms 1.0.5
This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.



The following issues are currently known for the K2 smartforms 1.0.5 (4.12165.1605.0) and include workarounds where possible.


Known Issues


  • When filtering on a Composite bound Check Box List control on a View, an exception occurs at runtime stating: "Key could not be found in the collection."
  • The ability to ignore the date format inherited by the cultural settings as defined on the server does not exist.
  • Unable to interact with the Hyperlink control using keyboard functions.
  • Unable to filter a Picker control by means of another List control on a View.
  • When a control is added to the 'aggregation footer' of a List View and configured to be hidden, the control is not hidden at runtime.
  • Unable to clear the Picker control in runtime using the backspace key when running the Form in Internet Explorer 8.
  • When executing a Form with a View that contains a File Attachment control, the file cannot be downloaded at runtime.
  • When creating a Form with a multiple line Textbox control with the Rich Text option, selecting text in the control and applying Rich Text to the selected text results in the Rich Text option being applied to all the text in the multiple line Textbox control and not just the selected text.
  • When opening the Search popup on a Picker control, the Results heading is missing.
  • When creating a Form with a multiple line Textbox control with the Rich Text option, selecting a font size after selecting a font text results in the font text being set back to the default text.
  • Silverlight controls do not have the Tab Index property.


  • When creating a View and selecting the Merge Cell Down control on the Toolbar twice, an error occurs stating: "TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'toRow.ref')".
  • Attempting to clear the Styles property from the View Designer using the keyboard backspace or delete button, results in a JavaScript error after clicking yes on the confirmation message box.
  • When removing a parameter referenced in a rule, upon editing the rule the specific parameter is displayed as "Unresolved".
  • An "Invalid column name <column name" error occurs when a filter is applied on all fields or visible fields in a List View based on a Workflow Reporting Services SmartObject.
  • When executing a SmartObject method with input properties from a Form and filtering was configured, the configured filter is ignored and all data returns.
  • Editing the Update method on an Editable List View and finishing the View does not retain the changes.
  • Unable to close the Supply a name for this property warning popup using the Enter key on the keyboard.


  • A JavaScript error occurs indicating: "Message: 'workflowValues' is undefined" when attempting to start a K2 Studio or K2 Designer for Visual Studio process with a Form containing fields mapped to an XML field.
  • When deleting the View Initialize rule from a View, after editing the properties of a control on the View, the rule gets added again.
  • When running SharePoint 2013 in 2010 compatibility mode, SmartForms web part settings are not retained.
  • An "Invalid Rule" error occurs when deploying a Workflow containing a Rule on an unbound control.
  • An "Object Reference not set to an instance" error occurs when adding a User Task to a Form after the Form that is being used is deleted from the category tree.
  • After a Form expired a user can still open the Form and action the item due to the worklist item still being available on the users’ worklist.
  • Transferring a blank value to a Date data field in a Workflow results in an error indicating "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime".
  • No multi-language multilingual support in K2 smartforms.

Rule Designer

  • When View level input controls contain the word "required" in a sentence in the text property, the controls are marked as required on Form level rules.
  • When editing a Show a Message action containing an Editable List View's edit control, a widget error occurs stating: "Object #<error> has no method 'toLowerCase'".
  • An error occurs indicating: "Message: Invalid XML (cannot represent object as string)" when editing an Open a worklist item Rule action.
  • When multiple View instances exist on a Form, controls in the Context Menu do not filter according to the selected View.
  • Unable to edit the Specify edit state for View and Form controls action in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Unable to edit an inherited rule on a Form after deleting a control with a rule configured from a subview.
  • An error occurs indicating that an invalid Rule exists when attempting to save an edited Form.  This occurs when another user is editing a View on the Form and removed an action from the View.
  • When designing rules, one cannot use quotation marks in a confirmation message title.  All text after the first quotation mark is discarded.
  • When changing a subview parameter name, the mapping is lost in the open subview rule configuration.
  • The SmartObject parameter mapped to a View parameter doesn't save successfully when both the View and the SmartObject parameter uses the same name.
  • When the Finish button on the Rules Wizard Configuration is clicked, the inheritance of enabling and disabling rules is lost from View to Form level.
  • When opening the same subview multiple times as part of the same action using If conditions, the subview references are duplicated.
  • When editing a SmartObject and changing the output mapping, the rule mapping is removed instead of being updated.
  • When changing a Rule action from a Load Method to a Get List Method, the configurations are carried over instead of being cleared.
  • The Form Rules Wizard becomes unavailable when adding additional states on a Form that already contains a number of states and rules.


  • When adding an extra row to an Editable List View while an Image is still loading, causes an infinite spinner and the display fails. When the Editable List View is re-opened a JavaScript error occurs.
  • An error occurs stating: “24411 K2:DOMAINUSER from <ip address> is not allowed to open the worklist item with SN=<serial number>” when two or more User Tasks or Client Events are configured to use the same Form and the same state.
  • When executing a List method on a List View that contains a Foreign Key and the List method contains a Method parameter, execution fails as the parameter cannot be specified.
  • In Internet Explorer 9 and 10, when selecting a Form tab by clicking on the tab and then using the direction keyboard buttons to navigate to the next tab, the focus is not moved to the next tab. Only when pressing the direction keyboard button again does the focus shift to the next tab.
  • When deleting a control that is bound to an expression and then running the Form, an error occurs stating: "Unknown control missing". The Form becomes unusable.
  • If a Radio Button List control is set as borderless, no validation is done when the rule executes.
  • A JavaScript error occurs when double clicking on the Add new row hotspot at runtime in either a List View or Editable List View.
  • When replacing a View on a Form with a new View and deleting the old View, a 'Missing Controls' error occurs when attempting to open the Form at runtime.
  • A double click rule does not execute at runtime when a View contains another rule configured as a single click.
  • An error occurs stating: "A directory service error has occurred" when performing a quick search on visible fields from a List View.
  • Unable to set focus on a control in a subview or subform in Internet Explorer 8.  When running the subview or subform the focus is set to the first control and not the specified control.
  • Slow performance occurs when rendering large quantities of data from a SmartObject in a View.
  • When hiding a column during runtime, the real-estate of the remaining columns are not distributed correctly.
  • Date/Time properties in an Editable List View column do not sort correctly when you click on the column header.


  • Performance slows down when working with a Form that has 6 states and 11 tabs.
  • The ability to clean up or archive either the K2 smartforms or K2 database does not exist.
  • When Forms Authentication is selected, workflows are not showing on the Category tree.
  • Internet Explorer memory usage increases and slows down the browser after opening, editing and closing Forms, Views and SmartObjects.
  • An Object Reference error occurs when selecting the New Workflow option from the menu that appears when right clicking on category in the K2 Designer.
  • An error occurs stating: "System.Exception: No default Forms server environment field configured" when attempting to deploy a Workflow from the K2 Designer after changing the default environment from Development to Production.
  • An error occurs stating: "Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'Form.Event_Design" when attempting to check out a Form.
  • When a SmartObject is based on a Service Object and the Service Object name contains a back slash, the category structure for the SmartObject contains a category for each text between the back slashes.
  • Error occurs on upgrading to K2 smartforms 1.0.5, for more details see KB001445 - Known Issue: Error occurs when upgrading an environment with multiple databases (legacy) to K2 smartforms 1.0.5.

Special Characters

There are some instances where special characters are not supported in the SmartForms Designers, for example:

  1. View Parameters
  2. Rules Designers where parameters have special characters
  3. An apostrophe (‘) in the watermark property of controls
  4. An apostrophe (‘) in the description of a SmartObject property 


Certain behavior relating to dependencies between SmartObjects, Views, Forms, subviews and subforms will cause Forms and Views not to function as expected. There are a few instances where the SmartForms interdependencies and SmartObject dependencies are not satisfactorily dealt with, for example:

  1. When the Form and View are edited simultaneously and an action is removed from the View, the Form will have invalid rules and will not be able to be saved.
  2. Removing controls that have rules defined from a subview will break the rules on the Parent Form.
  3. Changing or editing a SmartObject will break dependencies on Views consuming the associated SmartObject.
  4. Broken Service Instances are not handled as expected in the K2 Designer.


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