K2 connect 4.6.5 (4.10060.750.0) High Priority Fixes

  • 16 February 2021
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K2 connect 4.6.5 (4.10060.750.0) High Priority Fixes


K2 connect 4.6.5
K2 connect 4.6.5
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KB000749 is a list of high priority issues for K2 connect 4.6.5 that have now been resolved.



Issues Resolved:

K2 Service Object Designer

  • A 'Value cannot be null' error occurs when attempting to register a service instance via the K2 Service Object Designer in Visual Studio.
  • When expanding the Development Kit down to filters in the K2 Service Object Designer in Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio closes unexpectedly.

K2 Designer

  • K2 connect for SAP now supports Visual Studio 2012.

K2 SmartObject and Services

  • An error occurred when selecting a return structure as an XML property.  The error stated: "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection".
  • When adding more than one method to a Service Object, no results are returned by the Service Object methods.


  • One installer will now be used for new installations as well as upgrades.  When performing an upgrade, the current K2 connect installation will be uninstalled and the new version will be installed. The existing settings will be retained such as the K2 connect license key, however, it is important to select the correct database during the installation.


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