Tech Bulletin: Microsoft Exchange Online Permissions Change for Nintex Automation (K2 Five) and Nintex K2 Cloud

  • 21 March 2024
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K2 integrates with Microsoft Exchange Online using Microsoft’s APIs. As Microsoft makes changes, we will update our integrations to ensure your solutions continue to function properly.

Microsoft has announced the retirement of the ApplicationImpersonation Role Based Access Control (RBAC) role in Exchange Online. Beginning in May 2024, new customers can no longer use this role, and in February 2025, the role and feature set will be removed from Exchange Online.

Edited 19 April 2024: K2 does not automatically add this role on configuration, so you may not be impacted by Microsoft’s change. This retirement will impact on-premises customers if the ApplicationImpersonation role was added to the account used to log in to EWS. If so, apply the fix pack listed below and then remove the ApplicationImpersonation role. 

This retirement will impact K2 Cloud and K2 Five / Nintex Automation environments which connect to Microsoft Exchange Online.

The fix and steps documented to use lesser Exchange Online permissions address the following features:

  • Task Notification Emails
  • Workflow Mail Events
  • Escalation Emails
  • SmartForms Email Rule Actions
  • SmartActions

In addition, K2 can integrate with Microsoft Exchange to do other operations, such as creating meetings or tasks, and creating mailboxes. These items are available for Microsoft Exchange on-premises versions only.

Fix Pack Versions Required

To determine which version you have installed, see the steps at KB003537: How to determine the installed K2 software version, updates, and fix packs. If you are on K2 blackpearl or an older version of K2 Five, see KB001893 for steps.  

To use the lesser permission set for Exchange Online, you must be on the following version and have the listed fix pack installed. See the code fix page for additional details:

  • Nintex Automation 5.7 or later
  • K2 Five 5.6 Fix Pack 7 or greater
  • K2 Five 5.5 March 2022 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 17 or greater
  • K2 Five 5.4 March 2022 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 13 or greater
  • K2 Five 5.3 June 2023 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 4 or greater
  • K2 Five 5.2 June 2022 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 2 or greater
  • K2 blackpearl 4.7 January 2023 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 1 or greater


2 replies


Hi, what are the steps to implement once you have the correct version/fix pack installed?

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The steps are in the documentation, Hope this helps!