Web scraping table data/unordered list

  • 30 June 2020
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I want to scrap the data from website (Table/Unordered List). But RPA doesn't recognise the table or list.


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9 replies

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In order to troubleshoot we need to recreate the cases.  Can you provide more details such as;

- Screenshots of the tables

- Which cells

- Browser & version (Chrome, IE, Edge, etc.)


Hello Sasan,


I am trying to capture the data table from the website "" as marked in the attached image "Plus500Table.jpg".

After selecting "Oil" -> ">>" then I have selected "Table" it is not populating General info likes Row count, column count, etc.


Similarly, I am trying to scrape data from the website "" as marked in the attached image "ESMA.jpg".

After selecting the row from the "Your Input" section, I am getting the attached screen "ESMAIssue".


Kindly check and suggest. 



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Thanks for sharing screenshots.  Looks like you are using Chrome browser.  I noticed there was no Nintex RPA Chrome Extension logo on your browser.  Do you have the Nintex RPA Chrome Extension installed?  If not, that may be the cause.  For more information on Chrome Extension please refer to the v16.5.0 release notes for more details.  Install both v16.5.0 and the Nintex RPA Chrome Extension and then let us know if that fixed the issues.



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Hi @nparekar 


From the looks of it in the "Issue.jpg" and "ESMAIssue.jpg" files, you've got IE open so I am going to assume you're using IE when using Nintex RPA with these sites.


Both Target Previews seem to reflect that you have either your Browser Zoom or Desktop Scale set higher than 100%. If you correct those, then you should see accurate target previews to what you've put the bullseye on.


I checked out both sites in Internet Explorer and Chrome (with v16.5+ in RPA). The Plus500 site is captured accurately as a table. Once you correct the zoom or scale, you should get better results on your Get Info action.


However, the ESMA site it appears that section is not actually a web table. I dropped the bullseye on a few places within the "Your Input" section and nothing is showing as a web table. The site may have that as a div or a list, and it is just formatted/styled to appear as a table.


Hopefully this helps.


Hello Sasan,


Sorry, I forgot to mention the browser information. I am using a chrome browser and I have already added the chrome extension.



Hello John,


I am using chrome browser, its resolution is 100%, not more than that.

My Nintex RPA version is 16.5. please check my attached screenshot.



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Do you have zoom on your desktop? That could also cause the issue

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I have a similar issue.  I target and select the dropdown arrow but RPA does not recognize the table.  How do we work with a div or list in this situation?  I need to select a value from the list based on a value in my data.

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Would you be able to provide a screenshot example of what you are trying to target?