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  • 24 August 2020
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Could anybody advise help


I am trying to create a workflow that works of a list view to send a reminder.  I have a list of contracts and I want to create workflow that send an email to the contract owner 6 months before the expiry date, then one 3 months before the expiry date and a final one on the expiry date itself. I have a list view which holds these dates and can create the schedule in the Workflows section of the Management Suite which triggers the workflow when the current date agrees to the 6 month, 3 month and expiry date. In terms of the workflow I know I need to create it to loop down the list view and when it finds a date (in the the list view) that agrees to today it sends the email. The bit I am unsure about is how to configure the workflow itself


Could anybody provide advice or screen shots to help me construct the workflow


Many Thanks


1 reply



An example would be:

  • Add a SmartObject step which uses the Get List method to get contracts where expiry date = today.
    • On this step, configure it so that it returns a Contract SmartObject reference
  • Now add a Loop Step
    • Set the reference to be the Contract SmartObject reference
    • Create a List item refrerence (Contract Item)
  • Add an Email step and link it to the Loop Step (notice it says next item, the loop will iterate through all found rows)
    • Ensure the Email step references the Contract Item SmartObject reference
  • Ensure you close of the loop


(Example screenshot attached)

If this is unclear I suggest following K2's guide: