K2 Five Workflow for SharePoint - Multiple SP Lookup Fields to the same List - What happens?

Hello -


I'm looking at the following situation...

  • Created a Lookup List to hold the names of Developers
  • Created Request List that has the need to select:  Developer1, Developer2, Developer3
  • Created 3 Lookup Fields in the Request List referencing back to Developers Lookup List

Is K2 Workflow able to differentiate that there are more than 1 Lookup field to the same List?


Upon Appifying the Request List, I was hoping to see in the Workflow Fields Section:  Request List, Request List Attachments ... and then ... 3 Reference List(s)  respectfully - one Reference List for each Lookup Field.... but this was not the case.


This being the case, I'm assuming I would need to create 3 "Create Reference" steps in the workflow and do the lookup based on value selected?


Possibly a feature for releases of K2 for SharePoint?


Thanx !!

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Hello Jeff,


Do these lists need to be in SharePoint? The reason I ask is that SharePoint has limits on the number of Lookups in a list and I don't think that all of these lists need to be in SharePoint. You could use Smartbox smartobjects and Advanced SmartObjects to pull all of this information back. Then if we add more lookups in the future, we will not hit SharePoint's Lookup limit.

Hello MTMTNT -


Couple of comments:


  • SharePoint Standard Forms are being utilized vs. SmartForms
  • Understand wrt the limit of Lookup Fields in SharePoint
  • I don't believe our organization allows for the creation / storage of SmartBox Objects without special permission

I was hopeful that the K2 Five Workflow Designer would create a reference to each field / list used as a SharePoint Lookup ... even if the same list was referenced twice in the same List (like PrimaryDeveloper .. SecondaryDeveloper would give two Workflow reference lookup lists in the Fields panel)