Metadata Invalid Error occur when using SOQL query

  • 7 January 2021
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I'm having the 2 salesforce objects, 1. Property (parent obj) and 2. Tax (child obj). they are linked with lookup relationship. I have created the drawloop package on Property object and fetching the data of Tax object, for that I have created the SOQL query. But when I'm running the report, that time I'm getting 1 error message: "There is a problem with the following Document Package Relationship: Name: Tax__c, Alias:Tax_Paid_2020 (MetadataInvalid)
Include this Error Id if you contact support: 0557b682-2ca8-40e3-9e16-c3d6148b2cbb"


please help me with this, Thanks!

1 reply

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@gudmale As you are getting an error the best thing would be to contact support( as mentioned in the error.