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Working with Date/Time values from a SharePoint List in a Workflow


Working with Date/Time values in Nintex Workflow may produce unexpected results when the values are retrieved from another source. To ensure consistency in a Date/Time value that is being brought into a workflow, pass the data through the Calculate Date control to set the time to 'Local'.






Additional Information

Setting the Date/Time value to 'Local' will ensure that the time is not converted again when written anywhere else within SharePoint. Without setting a Date/Time value to local, it does not contain any 'type' and is assumed to be UTC/GMT; as such, the time will convert to Local without it, causing an undesired output.


For example, if a Date/Time value from a SharePoint list column is 01/01/2021 12:00AM EST and is used in Nintex Workflow, the 'EST' is lost and is assumed to be UTC/GMT. If and when this value is written somewhere else within SharePoint, the value will be converted from UTC to EST again, causing it to change to 12/31/2020 7:00PM EST.


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