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Web Connector Offline Installation

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Web connector for RPA version 21.10.7 and above using Native Messaging for communication between browser and client, instead of WebSockets in the older version.

In some cases, it’s required to register the connector in the browser, for example, if the browser was installed before the client or when the web connector has to be installed offline.


  1. Open the Extensions settings in the browser.
  2. Copy the ID.


  3. Remove the old connector (“Remove” button).
  4. In the command prompt opened with administrator privileges (CMD) perform the following:
    cd <path_to_client>\native-messaging-host Kryon.Html.NativeMessaging.Host.exe unregister --browser chrome --extension <old_extension_ID>



  • Unpack the Web Connector offline package
  • Go back to extensions settings in the browser
  • Click the “Load unpacked” (make sure the “Developer mode” switch is on)
  • Navigate to the unpacked connector folder and click “Select folder”
  • Copy the ID of the loaded connector

   5. Go back to CMD and perform the following:

Kryon.Html.NativeMessaging.Host.exe register --browser chrome --extension <new_extension_ID> -g false

   6. Restart the browser



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