After upgrading K2, SharePoint V2 SmartObjects execution/performance is slower than before

  • 16 February 2021
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After upgrading K2, SharePoint V2 SmartObjects execution/performance is slower than before

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After upgrading K2, SharePoint V2 SmartObjects execution/performance is a lot slower than before.


1. The execution of these SharePoint V2 SmartObject still return data, however it is significantly slower when compared to before the upgrade.

2. The SharePoint content broker SmartObject and SharePoint 2013 SmartObject of the same list/library executes significantly faster.

3. It was noticed in the hostserver logs that the following section were repeated multiple times from the start of the SmartObject execution to when the results are returned:


"2137985","2017-12-12 10:24:41","Info","System","1025","EndSession","SourceCode.Hosting.Server.Runtime.HostSessionManager.EndSession","1025 Ending Session ADA73C26293FE2A3B8B0C2A6C787635E","system","","DLX:C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin","2137985","b4cda7b6224b42c9be7b67bc97994748",""
"2137986","2017-12-12 10:24:41","Debug","Communication","8122","ConnectionClosed","SourceCode.SocketService.AsyncSocketManager::ReadAsync","8122 Connection to terminated.","anonymous","","DLX:C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin","2137986","d2affdea8cbc4803a3fc19ddb95bdd8d",""
"2137987","2017-12-12 10:24:41","Debug","Communication","8110","ConnectionOpened","SourceCode.SocketService.AsyncSocketManager::Accept","8110 Accepted raw connection from:","anonymous","","DLX:C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin","2137987","f6a622cb0a824fe3b06afd4912503ede",""
"2137988","2017-12-12 10:24:41","Debug","Communication","8111","HostServerConnectionOpened","SourceCode.SocketService.AsyncSocketManager::DelegateConnection","8111 Upgraded to HostServer connection:","anonymous","","DLX:C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin","2137988","4d7829d8e82f4455b1579e73b43c10c0",""
"2137989","2017-12-12 10:24:41","Info","System","1020","StartSession","SourceCode.Hosting.Server.Runtime.HostSessionManager.StartSession","1020 Starting Session 0D8EF97D9F704C7CAB1F6536833CD9C3","system","","DLX:C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin","2137989","23c802d4dafb469e82147827677caf17",""
"2137990","2017-12-12 10:24:41","Info","General","10","GeneralInfoMessage","SourceCode.Hosting.Server.Runtime.HostSecurityManager.GetClaimsUserName","10 Checking SAML11 token","anonymous","","DLX:C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin","2137990","717b1fb9ff3c43c29da87264990fb578",""
"2137991","2017-12-12 10:24:41","Error","Communication","8130","ConnectionPacketError","SourceCode.SocketService.Legacy::HandlePacket","8130 Error processing message from Authentication With Server Failed : Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: token","","","DLX:C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin","2137991","492fe3313722421e904a2a7b580ee3ca",""


It was determined that the upgrade had wiped out the 'SharePoint Token Service' issuer and mappings necessary for the SharePoint 2010 V2/legacy SmartObjects; this resulted in multiple retry attempts to get the claims username that had added to the overall execution time/performance issue.  Ultimately, the SmartObject call was able to fall back to Service Account authentication and was able to return the data.


The Sharepoint Token Service configuration was re-added/re-mapped as per the documentation below to resolve the "Authentication With Server Failed: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: token" error and in turn resolved the performance issue when executing these SharePoint 2010 SmartObjects via the SharePoint V2 broker.

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