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Known Issue: Delete workflow coldfix for K2 4.6.10


Known Issue: Delete workflow coldfix for K2 4.6.10

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A coldfix is available to fix an issue with deleting workflows after upgrading to K2 4.6.10. This issue was present in the K2 and K2 installer, available for download from 24 June to 16 July 2015.

Important: If you have the K2 installer, you do not need to apply this coldfix.

Installing the Coldfix

Important: K2 strongly recommends that you apply the coldfix in non-production environments first.

To install the coldfix, download the files using the link on the right. Extract the files to your K2 server. 

On the K2 Server, perform the following steps:
1. Stop the K2 Service.
2. Backup the DLLs that will be replaced.
3. Replace the following DLLs:

  • [Program Files]\K2 blackpearl\Bin
    • SourceCode.Workflow.Runtime.Interfaces.dll
  • [Program Files]\K2 blackpearl\Host Server\Bin
    • SourceCode.Workflow.Runtime.Interfaces.dll
  • [Program Files]\K2 blackpearl\Host Server\Bin\HostedServers
    • K2LogServer.dll
    • KO.dll

4. Add the assemblies in the GAC folder to the Global Assembly Cache:

  • SourceCode.Workflow.Runtime.Interfaces.dll

5. Execute the SQL scripts in the Scripts folder:

  • Server.kProcDelete.sql
  • ServerLog.IProcDelete.sql

6. Restart the K2 Service.


Important: If you have run into issues where workflows have been deleted and you need to rebuild the lost data or would like assistance with this coldfix, please contact K2 support for assistance.



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