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Upgrade actions using Advanced List Lookup


This How To article is meant to provide a reference for workflow actions that may be using the Advanced List Lookup to reference variables or columns of a SharePoint item to set values at runtime. 


Before Upgrade

Your workflow may have actions that use the List Lookup option to pull data in for evaluation and use at runtime. The example below shows the Add Item to Collection action using a list lookup to find a SharePoint item ID based on a filter term.


List Lookup O365.png


After Upgrade

The Action Set and SharePoint Online - Query a list actions are used to replace advanced list lookups when workflows are upgraded to Nintex Workflow Cloud. Each list lookup is changed to a Query a list action and will be grouped together inside an Action set. The example below shows the workflow after upgrade where the action, Add item to Collection, originally used a list lookup to get an item ID from a SharePoint list.


Compound Action Set.png



Please refer to the following documentation at help.nintex.com, which provides more detailed information on how to configure your workflow after the upgrade. 





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