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Upgrade Start a Task Process action


How to upgrade a Nintex for Office 365 workflow to Nintex Workflow Cloud that contains a Start a task process action. Note: This article also assumes that you have enabled the start events for creating or updating items for your workflow. 


After Upgrade

  • Upgrading of this action will require you to review the action's configuration in some areas depending on what you have implemented.
  • You will need to wire up your connections to the SharePoint site for the start event as well as other SharePoint specific actions if included in your workflow.
  • Important: If any task forms are included in task actions you must open the form and click, Apply changes, to confirm the form configuration. This is a mandatory step when task forms are included.

  • The task form is partially converted and may have some controls that require additional configuration or deletion. 

  • All preconfigured email messages may need to be reviewed depending on variables used in the message or subject lines.

  • Review your escalation and autocomplete settings to make sure they match your original configuration.




  • Start a task process action becomes the Assign a task to multiple users action
  • You can require assignee authentication when opening a task. Assignee must have a login to your Nintex Workflow Cloud environment.
  • Completion criteria is called Completion rules. You will be able to select "All assignees must respond", "First response completes the task", "Wait for a specific response", and "Wait for a percentage of a response".

  • Lazy approval becomes Express approval.

  • Task Name on the task form is not supported and will need to be deleted.

  • Task Description on the task form is not supported and will need to be deleted.

  • Task Comments on the task form are not supported and will need to be deleted.

  • The Related Item configuration section is not supported.

  • Task delegation is not available.

  • Actionable email not available.

  • Cancellation email is not available.

  • SharePoint group context is not available.




Task Form

You will need to open your task form and review the configuration. Some unsupported fields may need to be deleted as shown in the following animation.






Completion Rules and Assignees

Completion rules are available depending on how you want tasks to be reviewed and completed by your assignees. In some cases, you may want to add multiple assignees for task approval. Use the Assignees property to select up to 10 users in your environment for a task if required. This can also be populated from a variable dynamically. Set your completion rule based on your assignees configuration.








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