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Import a Nintex Promapp Process from a BPMN or XPDL File


How can I import a Nintex Promapp process from a BPMN or XPDL file?

Processes can be imported into Nintex Promapp from a BPMN or XPDL file at the process group level.  The file being imported must be an XPDL file type.  If you have a BPMN file, you can use the online converter listed below to convert it to an XPDL file.


  1. Select a process group.
  2. Click Gear > Import / Export > Import from BPMN/XPDL.
  3. The Import from BPMN/XPDL prompt displays.
  4. Select the BPMN/XPDL file to be imported.

  5. Click Import.

  6. The Import from BPMN/XPDL prompt refreshes and displays any adjustments made during the import.

  7. Click Close.

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