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Import a Nintex Promapp Process from Procedure Text


How can I import a Nintex Promapp process from procedure text?

Processes can be imported in several formats to give you a head start on creating your Nintex Promapp process. One of these formats, Import from Procedure Text, allows you to import the text of a process directly.


  1. Create a process or, if in an existing process, ensure you are on the Edit tab.

  2. Click Gear > Import > Import Procedure Text.
    The Import Procedure Text prompt displays.

  3. Copy and paste procedure text into the box, formatted according to the guidelines listed in the Import Procedure Text prompt.

  4. Click Import.

  5. The procedure text is imported and displayed in the process Edit tab.

Additional Information

Import Rules:

  • Enter text on a line to create an activity.

  • Enter text on an intented line (use the Tab key) to create a task.

  • Enter 'NOTE:' on a new line to create a note.

  • Enter text after 'NOTE:' for the note heading.

  • Enter text in the line below 'NOTE:' for the body of the note.

  • Enter [ROLE NAME] after the activity name to assign a role or responsibility.

    Example: My activity [role1]

  • Enter [SYSTEM TAG] after the role name to assign a tag to an activity.

    Example: My activity [systemtag1]

  • Use semicolons to assign several role names or system tags to an activity.

    Example: My activity [role1;role2;systemtag1]

  • Enter [Web Link] followed by the title on an intented line to insert a web link.

  • Indent the next line and enter the web link starting with 'http://', followed by the URL.

NOTE:  Process Links, Decisions, and Conditional Processes will be created as Activites. Documents will be created as tasks.


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