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Error when trying to send emails with attachment in workflow


Error when trying to send emails with attachment in workflow

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When workflow tries to send an email with an attachment, the workflow goes into an error state and the following error message appears:


"SourceCode.Workflow.Common.EWS: Autodiscover Failure: The Exchange Server is not available, the password is incorrect or the email address does not exist."


  • Workflow is able to send the email if  the email has no attachment
  • If you used ConnectionStringEditor to disable autodiscover for the Exchange connection string, the error still remains
  • HostServer logs show a mail send failure, with Exchange server returning a 501 not implemented error

Troubleshooting Steps

First check which version of K2 is being used, and what the version of the Exchange Server used in the K2 environment.


If it is on K2 4.7 and your Exchange Server version is 2010, then please note that K2 4.7 no longer supports Exchange Server 2010. For more information on this, please refer to the compatibility matrix.


When using K2 4.7 and Exchange Server 2010, you have only 2 options:

  1. Upgrade Exchange Server to 2013 or above.
  2. Reconfigure K2 to use SMTP instead of Exchange. Please note that as of 4.7, SmartActions only work with Exchange, so if you are currently using SmartActions, or you have plans to use SmartActions in the future, your only option is to upgrade your Exchange Server.
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