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Drawloop - How to merge Images from Content Files


How to merge Images from Content Files on a record-related list.



1. Create a relationship to the Content Document Link Object.
  • If all related files are images and all are required - create a Standard Relationship
  • If not all related files are images and filtering is required - create a SOQL Relationship.


SOQL Examples:

Parent Object Files: Copy Type = Table or Row
SELECT, ContentDocument.FileType FROM ContentDocumentLink WHERE LinkedEntityId = '<<Parent_Object_Id>>' AND ContentDocument.FileType IN ('PNG','JPG','JPEG')

Child Object Files (Table > Row): Copy Type = Table
Select id, name, (SELECT, ContentDocument.FileType FROM ContentDocumentLinks WHERE ContentDocument.FileType IN ('PNG','JPG','JPEG')) FROM Child_Object__c WHERE Parent_Object__c = '<<Parent_Object_Id>>'


** Locate the correct corresponding Child_Object__c & Parent_Object__c API names for the specific environment.


2. <<Tag>> the DocGen Template with the desired tags and behavior.

** Append ‘__image’ to the ContentDocumentid Tag.


Dynamic Image:


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