Want a Rota?

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The client had an extensive form that needed to go online to improve the process. It's a variation to contract form that feeds into many external systems. Currently the form is owned by HR and due to poor process management, the data from this form rarely reaches other departments for updating their information, for example IT require the form for updates to Active Directory.

Anyway, a small but fiddly part of this form was to create a Working Pattern control where the user could submit the standard weekly working hours of the employee. The employee might also have fortnightly or even monthly working patterns so they needed to be able to submit more than just a weeks pattern.

The only output required for this in terms of data, was the total hours for the week, as this, combined with other data in the form could be used to calculate the employees annual salary.

It's a fairly simple control, but because there is no such thing as a "time" field, I took the approach of creating dropdowns to allow the user to select Hours and Minutes (in quarter-hour increments) and Lunch break (in quarter-hour increments).

Then calculated values do the requisite formulas to calculate the daily hours and then the weekly total.

The entire table is encapsulated in a repeating section that is limited to a maximum of 4 rows.

It's a simple little control, but I thought I'd make it available to others as it was a little fiddly and time consuming to put together.