The Continuing Journey to a Paper-less Office... Nintex Forms Print to PDF in the Cloud!

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Many of you may recall that back in May of '16 we dropped some certified magic into the on-premises

version of Nintex Forms in the guise of a Print to PDF function.

Print to PDF allows users to, with a single click of a button, "print" a Nintex form to a PDF. This method allow the form to be converted to a PDF, while maintaining its full fidelity, and then be saved to disk (or maybe back into a SharePoint document library) or even printed to paper (the horror)!

Naturally, our Office 365 customers began to clamor for this awesome functionality...

So, without further ado, I am pleased to announce that the 'dev elves' over here at Nintex have been busy hammering away in their workshop and have just completed adding Print to PDF in Nintex Forms for Office 365!


  • Create PDF versions of your Nintex Forms with a single click
  • Adjustable page sizes
  • Ability to disable Print to PDF on specific forms
  • Save your PDF form anywhere
  • Designer defined page breaks

Go ahead and open up the Nintex Forms for Office 365 designer and click on Form Settings from the ribbon. You will see a Print to PDF category added at the bottom:

To enable or disable a users ability to click on the Print to PDF button you can enable or disable printing. Additionally, specifying the page size and orientation can be done here.

If you would like to designate where the form will stop on a page inside of the output PDF, you can drag the new Page Break Guide control onto the canvas:

After publishing you will see the Print to PDF button on the ribbon. Simply click on it to save a copy of the form:

Just wait a few moments:

And you will be able to Save or Open the PDF version of the form:

Notice in my PDF the repeating section data starts on the second page just like I wanted by inserting the page break guide earlier?

Well that was awfully easy! Professor Hinkle would probably trade in his old hat for it!

I hope you enjoy using this powerful and convenient new feature. If you would like to learn more, please check out the online help for Nintex Forms for Office 365. Also, don't forget to check out the other great features includes in today's release; Control Alignment and the venerable Lookup Function!