Seeding a Repeating Section

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This post, is about taking repeating section data and moving it along through various task actions in a workflow.  There is a very simply way to put repeating section data that was filled in, in one task form and moving it to another, allowing another user to edit/delete/add to the repeating section.

The first step is to create a Multiple Lines of Text variable.


This variable will be used to store the Repeating Section data.

Next, we need to add an Assign a Flexi Task action to our workflow, and configure the task form, using Nintex Forms.


You'll be presented with the Nintex Forms designer page for the task form.  You'll need to add a Repeating Section to the form, and insert the fields that you want to appear in it.


Before you save the form, double-click on the Repeating Section to bring up the settings and in the Connected To property, click on the drop down and you'll see your Nintex Workflow variable.  Select it.


You can now save and close the form and also save the Flexi Task action.

Finally, lets copy and paste the Flexi Task action and publish the workflow.


We can now run this workflow and this is what you'll see:

The first task form will be created and I've filled in two rows :


When I submit the response, the workflow will continue and the next task will be created.


It's amazing how simple this was.  Great feature of Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms working together to make for easier design of business processes.

I've attached the workflow to this post, so that you can import it into your Nintex Workflow 2013 environment and try it out.  Note, you must have Nintex Forms 2013 installed and configured also.

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Great post!

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Great post. However, just for curiosity.. How can we store the row entries made in the repeating section table as a separate list items. Is there a way to do that?

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Hi Nidish,

you need to parse the data with a Nintex Workflow : Nintex Forms/Workflow - Parsing Repeating Section Data - Vadim Tabakman



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Thanks Vadim..

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Can the results of the repeating section items created at the new item level form continue onto the flexi task?  This is where I have problems.

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Hi cheryl,

did you find the solution yet? I have the same problem.

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The repeating section will need to be connected to a multiline text only column in the list at the new form level.  I then exported that form and imported it to the flexi task.  Then I added the task decision and comment fields.  It worked like a charm.  I would hide the multiline text column in the list because it has all the code.  Users can use the item view to see the repeating section information.  The only problem with this solution is the ability to sort and search the list for the items in the repeating section.  I am using nintex forms and the nintex workflow.