Redirecting the user from the task list page after responding to a workflow task

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A common request we receive is how to redirect the task list page to a specific page after completing a task from the ‘Respond to this task’ link from within the notification email.

The simple way to do this is to create a link inside the notification section of the action. To do this you’ll need to use the Approval URL reference and add “&Source=” after the reference. Click on the Link button under the Insert tab and fill it out with the following configuration:


The task list page will now be redirected to the selected page after the user responds to the workflow task.


I was looking for some help with redirection and i saw your thread. This worked like charm. Thank you

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Not a problem! Glad to hear this helped!


Andrew Beals


Hi Andrew,

I am fairly new to SharePoint & Work-Flow.

Can you provide step-by-step instructions on how to redirect users after they click save on my Nintex form.

Currently it takes them back to the list. I would like to redirect users to a thank-you confirmation page.

Here is a picture of my form & Work-flow:

Thank you

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Inger Spikner​, I've reposted your question in a separate thread here: How to redirect users who click on a Nintex Form

Andrew Beals was hoping to answer it in a separate response.

Thank to you both!



I'm not sure this addresses my concern.  In my case, users are not responding to an email, they are registering for a training class using a Nintex form that I developed. My problem is---after the user submits the training request, the users are directed to list.  I want users to be directed to a thank you page that dynamically lists the training class, dates and times based on what they registered for.

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Please see Frank's reply to your original question above.


I am trying to do this using the Common Approve and Reject references in the email without the users going into the form. I have tried using this method for the redirect unsuccessfully. Any suggestions for how to redirect when using those references?


can you send a screenshot of your configuration please?



This worked perfectly for me!  Thank you!