Points to Reset for New Year!

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Hi, Everyone!

We make it an annual habit on Nintex Connect to wipe the slate clean and start afresh on points.  This is my reminder that we'll be doing that again.  So, around the last day of this month, expect to see your Rocket Cars, Skateboards and Platinum Spaceships disappear.  Why do this?  We constantly have new members joining, so a points-wipe gives everyone an opportunity to hit the leaderboard.

But that doesn't mean we will forget to spread a little love to those of you who racked up thousands of points in the past year by being active on the community!  In fact, I'll be noting the top ten non-Nintex employee members and awarding them a 2015 Winner badge for their contributions.  These are the people who spend so much time answering questions, providing guidance and information, posting tips and sharing their experiences.  Nintex Connect wouldn't be the same without them!

So, you have until December 31st to build points.  Starting in the new year, there'll be a new badge to identify the "champions" of 2015.

Here's what the current one looks like:


Never fear, you'll have the chance to accumulate points rapidly in the new year.  I'll still be creating missions for you. And you'll still earn points by participating in and contributing to the community.

Watch for the next announcement on January 1st for the 2015 winners, and the first monthly mission!