Migration Tools Overview

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This is a brief blog to overview the migration tools that work for Nintex. For more information about migrations, please visit the Nintex Migration Center.


How to Approach a Migration with Nintex?

Before a migration, perform an inventory of what processes you have that should be migrated. Run the Know Your Workflow script to gather as much information as possible to help make smart transition decisions. Once you’ve decided which workflows to move, prepare them by either replacing actions that are more compatible for Office 365 or assessing the benefits of rebuilding the process from scratch in order to take maximum advantage of Office 365’s platform functions. Remember, there’s no wrong way to build a workflow, but there are more efficient ways for that workflow to run depending on the platform and functionality available.


Choosing a Nintex Migration Partner

Not every process – including those requiring high security – should be migrated. The more security required for a process, the less Office 365 should be considered – at least the public cloud version. We suggest you do your research before deciding – due diligence is better than hindsight. When converting your Nintex workflows from one platform to another, the best approach is to evaluate the current workflow design. You can achieve 80 percent success for most workflows with the support of a Nintex tech partner product to convert the design for you.  The below Nintex technology partners provide products that can assist you in performing a migration with Nintex Workflows and forms.


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​AvePoint is the established leader in enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices. Founded in 2001, AvePoint serves over 14,000 organizations worldwide. As customers continue to shift workloads to Office 365, AvePoint will help manage the environments where Nintex automates business processes while simplifying management and governance in the cloud as well as through hybrid deployments. Enabling enterprise collaboration across platforms and devices, AvePoint focuses on helping enterprises in their digitization journey to enable their information workers to collaborate with confidence. RESOURCE: Learn More Product | Supported Actions | FAQ



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Metalogix provides content infrastructure software to improve the value, access, and scalability of enterprise content. Today, more than 5,000 customers rely on the company s products to upgrade, migrate, organize, store, archive and replicate content on Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and Cloud platforms. Metalogix Content Matrix features full support for Nintex Workflow. With the combination of Content Matrix and Nintex Workflow, organizations can deploy a fully-featured and highly-optimized SharePoint environment. Metalogix Replicator synchronizes Nintex workflows across geographically distributed SharePoint farms so every one of your applications is highly available and even your remote users have fast access.  RESOURCE: Learn More Product | Supported Actions | FAQ


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Sharegate and Nintex teams work closely to provide the perfect solution for migrating Nintex Workflows and Nintex Forms between SharePoint versions and directly to Office 365. Sharegate simplifies the migration of business processes without sacrificing metadata, business logic, and security. Sharegate is the leading SharePoint and Office 365 migration, security, and management tool. Sharegate offers an easy solution to migrate entire sites, consolidate your file shares, or copy content between SharePoint versions or to Office 365. Sharegate allows you to clean up your environments and prevent data breaches with built-in security and management reports and actions.  RESOURCE: Learn More Product | Supported Actions | FAQ